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Some will say I was born to be a hairstylist. Coming from a family of artists, creativity was of second nature to me and I realized at a very young age that hair would be my medium. Today, fourteen years into my career, I’ve found that doing someone’s hair doesn’t just change their appearance on the outside but also how they feel about themselves on the inside and that, is priceless.

I started my career in my home town of Santa Barbara where I attended school and completed my cosmetology training. After becoming licensed, I moved north and had the opportunity to train under some of the best hairdressers in San Francisco. Learning Balayage techniques before they were mainstream and mastering the foundations of bridal styling, are just some of the reasons this team of stylists helped me become the well-versed stylist I am today.

However, I eventually followed my roots back to the sun-kissed shores of Southern California. I found an amazing home in La Jolla, California where I joined Koda Salon and was given opportunities to grow in ways I never thought possible. Assisting at New York Fashion Week, styling the San Diego Charger Girls, and teaching for L’Oreal Professionnel are just some of the experiences I had while working there. As great as Koda Salon was, the true artist in me and my passion for bridal styling and a more personalized experience led me to where I am today. At salon world suites I strive to provide the most exquisite one on one experience for you in my private studio. Come relax in my tranquil hide away and melt all your troubles away!

So whether you are a Bride I have the honor of styling, or a new client to the salon. My promise to you is to always make you feel at home like family, making sure you have a drink in hand and are always heard. Whether you are looking to maintain your look or are ready for a big change I am there to help you achieve the hair of your dreams!

So let’s get started and I can’t wait to meet you!




 "If you're looking for a good hair stylist, she's got that down! But more than that, with her infectious smile and bright personality, she somehow makes every appointment like a catch up sesh between old friends."

Liz K.

"Jessica has been styling, cutting, and coloring my hair since she started her career. She is a very talented and a confident perfectionist who is forever staying on top of the trends and improving her skills. She knows what your hair can handle and what it can't, and she won't let you make a mistake while you are under her care. I will forever come back to her so long as I have hair."

Krystin K.

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