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About Me

Hi, Im Jessica

Summer Days 

With 16 years of experience as a hairdresser, my true passion lies in specializing in balayage, a freehand technique that creates a natural sun-kissed look. This technique holds a special place in my heart as it brings back memories of my childhood spent in Santa Barbara, California, where I was always by the beach. Sand everywhere meant endless fun and cherished moments.

Great conversation

In addition to my love for hair, I also appreciate the simple joys in life. A good glass of rosé and lounging outdoors, engaged in heartfelt conversations with old friends, bring me immense joy. Recently, I've embraced a new role as a mom, and it's a title I hold close to my heart.

Peace of Mind

When you sit in my chair, it's not just about the hair transformation; it's about how you feel throughout the entire process and when you walk out of the salon. I strive to create an atmosphere where you feel heard, understood, and well taken care of. My goal is to provide a space where we can share laughter, offer advice, or simply listen. When you're with me, my chair becomes your safe space, and I'm here to serve you in every way I can

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